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The most outstanding NGO in the Nima community, Sprad-out Initiative on Thursday November 19, 2020 was recognized for its critical role in boosting community interaction and engagement for international students.
The NGO which is based in Nima- a suburb of Accra, was awarded at a ceremony to celebrate 50 years of collaboration between the University of California Education Abroad Program(UC-EAP) and University of Ghana-Legon.

Organizers say the award was to recognize the contribution of spread-out Initiative to international education and being an “outstanding internship site”.
The University of California Education Abroad Program(UC-EAP) Ghana Center say they appreciate Sprad-out Initiative because the “… agency has taken the lead in providing exceptional support to children and youth from diverse backgrounds in Accra. You have helped UC-EAP students to develop business, planning,research and fundraising skills.”

Other dignitaries awarded at the ceremony include Professor Kofi Agyekum,PhD in Linguistics, and Head of the Department of Linguistics University of Ghana, Legon ( for his role in introducing foreign students to the Twi language over the years)
Mr. Oh! Nii Kwei Sowah, Consultant/ Lecturer at the Department of Dance Studies of the School of Performing Arts University of Ghana, Legon – who is also the executive artistic director at Performing Art Work-shop- was also awarded among others.

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