About Us


about us.

Spread Out Initiative(SOI) is a Non-Profit organization set up to support the children and youth from diverse background realize their potentials, and attain their dreams of a better future.

We aim to achieve this by providing the environment that breeds innovation through critical thinking,fine Art, Media Technologies,exposure to new technologies and promoting digital entrepreneurship for young, in order to take advantage of the digital revolution.

S.O.I is a centre for opportunities that enable everyone in the society-irrespective of age, gender, health conditions, ethnicity, or socio-economic status-to access knowledge, to be able to communicate effectively, develop digital skills, and improve job perspectives and employability.

S.O.I has helped many youth and adults in Nima community to become technologically savvy and hence effective. We believe in strong collaboration between the public, private and higher educational institutions to tackle the digital skills gap in a coordinated and coherent manner so that everyone in the society has a better access to digital literacy and skills.

So come join, volunteer, partner and collaborate with S.O.I as it emerges to nurture and mentor generational digital entrepreneurs of Africa, with the indispensable skills that will aid them cope with the future technological changes in their quest.Come help us achieve our mission to become one of the key organizations in Africa driving the economic enhancement and social transformation of the continent.

Our Mission


  • To be the partner organization for social and economic change in local communities.
Our Vision


  • Spreading Opportunities For All
Our Values


  • integrity, responsibility, transparency, honesty, fairness, openness and respect